How to Place an order

Payment Options

Pickup location

                          place an order on facebook pages & verify availability 

*  message seller to verify order.   Forward  whatsapp message to confirm pickup date & time.

Online Transfer

501 - 6103870

   *  You can place an order Onsite by adding the items in the cart  and completing the order .  Forward  a message on whatsapp to verify  pickup date & time.

Cash Payment upon pickup

501 - 6103870

Office phone number - 3223663

make the payment to any of 3 banks


     *Scotiabank account # 671  in name of Maribel Majarrez


      *Belize Bank Ltd account #169670010120001 in name of Mari's Store Online

       *Atlantic Bank account number 211817872  in name of Maribel Majarrez

K.E.M. Building

56 Main Street

Orange Walk Town

Belize C.A.

 Ring doorbell for pickup