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About US

 Our Goal​ To provide customers with the opportunity to peruse a wide variety of quality items at affordable prices in the comfort of their home or office.
 Our Location   This Online Store Showroom & pickup office is located at KEM Building, 56 Main St. Orange Walk Town.  Orders can be placed on-site & for quicker customer service contact Sales Manager ~ Maribel [5016103870]  Office Contact Number 322-3663

Office Location:
K.E.M Building 
56 Main Street
Orange Walk Town
Belize, C. A.

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To pick-up: Ring doorbell, call      3223663 or 5016103870

 Our Passion  We strive to provide a variety of goods that you & your loved ones will love & enjoy, in apparel, footwear, accessories, beauty products, home & kitchen, toys & more.
Express your personal style and make your lifestyle more comfortable and beautiful!
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