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OGX conditioner 19.5 fluid ounce:

1.  Formulated with a blend of cold-pressed Moroccan argan oil to help revive hair moisturizing conditioner helps improve hair elasticity & strength, as it protects against styling gives hair a look & feel of silky perfection with a radiant shine, leaving soft & touchable tresses.


2.  Infused with collagen, a building block for healthy hair & biotin to help strength & maintain growthThickening conditioner also contains a nutrient-rich blend of vitamin B7 & hydrolyzed wheat proteinThickens & volumizes while giving hair a beautiful boost with fuller & more abundant looking locksPleasant bergamot, jasmine, & vanilla scent leaves tresses smelling irresistibly good

OGX Conditioner, 19.5 fl oz.

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