Magictec is a flat-iron hair straightener with a built-in comb, which also provides a massaging effect that benefits the scalp and simulates hair follicles; ideal for daily use by women or men.
It is free of paraben and chemicals, and non-scalding and anti-static with a precision-control feature that can maintain a constant temperature between 330 and 430 ?; unit shuts down automatically when not in use, and its advanced technology enables rapid heat-up when switched on.
Designed for use straight out of the box, its plug-n- play set-up means there is no need to bend or reshape brushes or work with rough handles; functions can be easily controlled or adjusted via a LED screen display.
Magictec is the best available combination of ceramic iron straightener, detangling comb, and scalp massager, all brought together in a portable and stylish unit.
Ease-of- use, versatility, and safety of the Magictec hair straightener are further complemented by its durable body and commitment to lasting quality.

Hair Straightener Brush, Magictec Ceramic